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Aug 18, 2013 6:30pm EDT
the wall, two-run shot, mlb leading 45 homeruns. davis four hit ps on the day ass the o.s defeat the rockies. to football, last year the red skins had one of the best run defenses but often burn in the passing game. they finished 30 out of 32. it's an area the teach addressed in the off season using seven of their draft picks.ks. had it not been for a foot injury to thomas all three would get extensive playing time. rambo will start this season. with hall and josh wilson, they hope the secondary can become a position of strength and says s they're in good hands with fiery coach morris at the helm. h >> he's a great guy and the players like that. everybody is different. guys but i like his style.le. he likes the players and works hard and understands the scheme. >> coaching is awesome. this is what we do. we have fun and compete. we develop a brotherhood of men. you go out there and play the game and find ways to win. that's the bottom line. that's what i do. >> i know, it's just a preseasop but this is a big game, mondayy night, tomorrow night home opener against the steelers. so
Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. now let's go to the mlb network studios for more postgame coverage. >> welcome, everyone, to the postgame show. so how about that? what we just watched, the baltimore orioles and oakland a's and coco crisp homering in three straight games. >> it's amazing. it shows they can come back when they're down. now they're back up to three games in the wild card. so very, very important win for them today. >> the a's get the w on the road. what's going on in baseball? in los angeles, jonny gomes at the plate and he crushes this offering. >> don't just stand there and watch it. do it that way, dude. grab the beard. >> they call that chemistry. 4-0, bottom six. here come the dodgers. ellis to right. wait a minute, maybe they're not. maybe he was >> that's okay. he's got another chance. >> a former red sock, adrian gonzalez going the other way. now the dodgers are on their way back. >> we talked about this in the pregame. very nice swing. >> and crawford scores. so that game is getting good. matt harvey against max scherzer. scherzer with a bat in his hand and he made him pay. >> sch
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm EDT
bottom eight. runner on and we will see you later that two-run shot. it mlb leading 45 home run of the year. davis four hits on day 0s defeat rockies. 3 teams against pats. area why use three 7 draft picks. to go after defensive back and had not been for season ending footage safety philip thomas all three would tkpwebgts tensionive playing time this year. he will start this season. with mix veteran likes, he hopes secondary can soon become position of strength and says, they are in good hand firey d.v. coach. and then you know player like that. and everybody different. you know guys i like his style i think into it. he like the players. he works hard he a stand the scheme. and gets most out of those guys. coaching awesome! this what we do! come out we have fun would compete against each other. >> we develop, a brotherhood of men. go through and play games. you find ways to win and that's bottom line. that's just what doe every single day. that's what i do. well red skeupbt second pre season game. come night. home opener gets steelers catch on our sister station, my bb. this reg
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3